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Award winning film producer-actress Andrea Ajemian and internationally known DJ-music producer Kaz Gamble host Worcester Love-the online video guide to everything there is to love about Worcester County-Central Massachusetts with an emphasis on locally owned businesses, cultural diversity, and environmental sustainability.

Comical five minute episodes are jam-packed with fun facts about places to see and things to do in Worcester County-Central Massachusetts. Show your Worcester Love by owning the DVD premiere of the hit online show from Worcesterlove.com!


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Filmed entirely in Central Mass by Andrea Ajemian (Producer) & Kaz Gamble (Composer).



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Worcester Tornadoes - Worcester Love Episode 008

Hooray for the Red Sox!! But did you know that way before Fenway Park even opened, Worcester had its own professional baseball team. In fact, the first ever perfect game was pitched in Worcester by Worcester's J. Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880. But professional baseball didn't last in Worcester leaving for good in 1934. That is until the Worcester Tornadoes brought it back in 2005 with a team that won the championship in it's first year! However, win or lose, a Tornadoes game is a lot of fun. Tthere is so much entertainment between the innings (Thanks Twister and Peterman!) that it's tough to figure out when to go on a snack run or a bathroom break. (CLICK BELOW FOR REVVER RESOLUTION)


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Worcester Tornadoes - Worcester Love Episode 008 (revver rez)


Map of Worcester County (Central Massachusetts)

Map of Worcester County (Central Massachusetts)

From Sturbridge to Harvard, Royalston to Blackstone, Westborough to West Brookfield–There is so much to see and do in Worcester County (Central Massachusetts)–WorcesterLove.com is the video guide to help you plan your adventure.